Local Headlines 12-3-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Extend land and water fund that has done so much for Utah

Editorial: Vaping supplies deserve state oversight

Does imperiled Mexican gray wolf belong in Utah? No way, 4 states say

Voting by mail increased Utah turnout by 52%

Study: Utah is 9th safest state for driving

Think tank: Salt Lakers reside in Utah’s least free city

Utah’s Love defends Planned Parenthood congressional probe

More than 37,000 Utahns signed up for Obamacare in November

After Osmond’s reversal, who will lead Utah College of Applied Technology?

Utah’s Chaffetz: Obama’s safety ‘is in jeopardy’ with Secret Service lapses

Deseret News

James Evans: Make America’s best-managed state even better

Dan Liljenquist: Olene Walker’s political heirs

Jay Evensen: While we fight over the Christmas spirit, Christians are dying

Editorial: Does the Iran deal provide increased security for American families?

Report offers few answers to increasing voter turnout in Utah

Utah Supreme Court to decide merits of refinery case

EnergySolutions says state requirements for depleted uranium too stringent

5 GOP, 5 Demo presidential candidates file to compete in Utah

Sen. Orrin Hatch fighting to replace Obamacare with his health care plan

Health care spending grows, but Utahns still spend the least

Hatch talks about benefits of religion in floor speech

Census: More single moms falling below poverty line in Utah


Editorial: Medical marijuana deserves honest debate (Daily Herald)

County drops proposal for municipal services tax, elected pay raises (Logan Herald Journal)