In Signal to Conservatives, Ryan Taps Lee for Opening Remarks

House Speaker Paul Ryan asks Sen. Mike Lee to perform the introductory honors as Ryan gives his first major address Thursday since taking up the gavel. 

Reports The Daily Signal:

On Wednesday, Lee’s office received word that Ryan, R-Wis., wanted to tap him for the introduction to his speech at the Library of Congress.

The move was likely an effort by Ryan to strengthen his relationship with rising conservatives in both the House and the Senate. Before his election as speaker in October, some conservatives complained that Ryan had been too close to former leadership and thus was unfit for the job.

In the introduction set for 12:30 p.m., Lee also will peg Ryan’s effort to open up the legislative process in the House as “a new conservative project,” one that “follows the example of our founding generation.”

The Utah senator and conservative favorite will say he believes Ryan’s well suited to the task.

“That is a job Paul Ryan is uniquely capable of doing. Because at his core, he understands that for this new conservative generation to succeed, ideas must drive our politics, not the other way.”