Local Headlines 12-4-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Grazing decision cost us a great ‘library’ in Tushar Mountains

Editorial: Progress at state liquor agency moves slowly

Utah economy: Census data show a ‘tale of two recoveries’

Utah may license drug treatment centers to crack down on fraud

Former Sen. Bob Bennett says his cancer has not spread

Rolly: Remembering Olene Walker, a governor with no guile but lots of guts

Capitol farewell for former Utah Gov. Olene Walker

No Child Left Behind replacement still has too much federal flavor for Utah delegation

Amid Swiss trip flap, one UTA Board member decides not to resign

Voting by mail increased Utah turnout by 52%

Deseret News

Greg Bell: Knowing God makes all the difference

Natalie Gochnour: Inspiration from ‘Olene’.

Lawmakers looking to restore dental benefits to Utah’s disabled, blind

Utahns pay their final respects to former Gov. Olene Walker

House speaker reveals more details on newest Medicaid expansion plan

Libertarian group ranks Salt Lake as least free city in Utah


Editorial: #getserious, Utah lawmakers — focus on education, not hashtags (Standard-Examiner)

Utah think tank ranks Ogden 49th of 50 for individual freedoms (Standard-Examiner)

Proposed Davis school boundaries may be changing again (Standard-Examiner)

Bishop invokes long-ago baseball star to overturn Obamacare (Standard-Examiner)

Vote by mail gives boost to municipal turnouts (Standard-Examiner)