Chaffetz Calls for OPM Official’s Head

Rep. Jason Chaffetz urges the firing of OPM Chief Information Officer Donna Seymour, arguing she’s unfit for her duties in the wake of the worst government data breach in the nation’s history. 

Reports The Hill:

Chaffetz on Thursday reiterated his call for the firing of OPM Chief Information Officer Donna Seymour, in light of a new inspector general report that concluded the agency did not properly award a contract to notify the victims of perhaps the government’s worst data breach in history.

The report is “troubling,” Chaffetz said in his letter to OPM Acting Director Beth Cobert, laying the blame on Seymour.

“I write once again to augment my concerns that Ms. Donna Seymour,” he said, “is unfit to perform the significant duties for which she is responsible.”

It’s at least the fifth time that Chaffetz has called for Seymour’s removal in the wake of this summer’s hacks at the agency, which exposed the sensitive data.

Fallout from the intrusions cost former OPM Director Katherine Archuleta her job, but Seymour has held on to her position despite Chaffetz’s criticism.