National Headlines 12-13-15

Podesta to donors: Cruz is likely GOP nominee (Politico)

Obama’s fragile climate legacy (Politico)

Rand Paul makes GOP debate main stage (The Hill)

President Obama’s trade agenda faces huge hurdles (The Hill)

It’s Cruz, not Trump, who looks more like favorite to win GOP nomination (Washington Post)

Trump focuses on issues, forgoes jabs at 2016 rivals (CBS News)

Obama to visit Pentagon to review ISIS strategy (CNN)

Alexander Hamilton safe for now as Treasury delays choosing woman for $10 bill (Christian Science Monitor)

Despite push, ‘multi-state’ health plans are unavailable in many states (Kaiser Health News)

Fed Officials Worry Interest Rates Will Go Up, Only to Come Back Down (Wall Street Journal)

Industrial Revolution 2.0? Experts debate robotic threat to jobs (CNBC)