Hatch Statement on Paris Climate Deal

Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, the senior Republican in the United States Senate, issued the following statement following the administration’s announcement that an international climate deal had been reached in Paris:

“This agreement—similar to previous deals that have failed in the past—is unenforceable and non-binding as a matter of domestic law. Moreover, it lacks the support of the American people, which is why Obama administration negotiators insisted on including watered-downlanguage to avoid having to bring the agreement before the Senate for approval. Sadly, thisfailure of leadership is par for the course for this administration. President Obama’s unlawful regulations put forth by the EPA have no support in Congress and, like the Paris deal, will make little to no difference in reducing global emissions. These regulations will only raise domestic energy prices and hurt the pocketbooks of American families.”

Senator Hatch was a cosponsor of the two resolutions of disapproval that passed the Senate with bipartisan support. Senator Hatch also signed a letter to the President affirming that any binding climate agreement made in Paris must be brought before Congress for approval.