Poll: McAdams Enjoying Sky-High Approval Ratings

BenMcAdamsMugSalt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams is going to be very tough to beat in 2016 if his approval ratings are any indication.

Our latest UtahPolicy.com survey finds the first-term mayor enjoys a 67% approval rating. 21% of Salt Lake County residents say they “strongly” approve of his job performance while another 46% say they “somewhat” approve. 10% say they “somewhat” disapprove while only 7% “strongly” disapprove of the job he’s doing.
Put those numbers together and McAdams enjoys a net approval rating that’s a whopping +50.

In fact, the only elected official in Utah with a higher approval rating than McAdams is Gov. Gary Herbert, who has a 72% rating. However, Herbert’s net approval rating is a hair smaller than McAdams’ at +49.
McAdams has not yet announced whether he’s running for another term as Salt Lake County Mayor, but it’s a good bet to assume he is. A source close to McAdams tells UtahPolicy.com that his pre-election internal polling pegs his approval rating even higher at 71%.
So far, no names have surfaced as possible Republican challengers to McAdams. 
McAdams has worked hard over the last four years to cultivate a bi-partisan approach to his office, and that seems to be paying off.
  • Republicans approve of McAdams’ job performance 62-19% (net approval rating +43)
  • Democrats approve of McAdams 71-13% (net approval rating +58)
  • Independent voters approve 73-14% (net approval rating +59)
  • “Very conservative” residents approve 62-24% (net approval rating +38)
  • “Somewhat conservative” residents approve 73-9% (net approval rating +64)
  • Moderates approve 71-16% (net approval +55)
  • “Somewhat liberal” residents approve 73-13% (net approval rating +60)
  • “Very liberal” residents approve 61-18% (net approval rating  +43)

These numbers are not without some minor dark clouds for McAdams. He’s barely above 50% approval among voters between the ages of 25 and 44.
  • Millennial voters (18-24) approve of McAdams 77-8% (net approval rating +69)
  • Those 25-34 approve 56-29% (net approval rating +27)
  • 35-44 year-olds approve 55-15% (net approval rating +40)
  • 45-54 year-olds approve 76-12% (net approval rating +64)
  • 55-64 year-olds approve 83-5% (net approval rating +78)
  • Residents 65 and older approve 65-24% (net approval rating +41)
The survey was conducted by Dan Jones & Associates from November 5-14, 2015 among 239 Salt Lake County residents. It has a margin of error +/- 6.34%.