Local Headlines 12-28-15

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: Banning certain guns and clips won’t make us safer

Rolly: Lawmakers’ arguments for secret meeting don’t pass muster

Op-ed: Federal grouse plan denies local economies the chance to grow

Op-ed: Hatch’s test-range expansion bill is bad stewardship

Editorial: Pre-sliced budget leaves too much time for mischief

Editorial: Stop making laws in private, legislators

Utah media lawyers say GOP lawmakers break the law with closed caucuses

Ever wonder what the average government employee makes? One of every 10 Utah workers is employed by state, local governments

DABC appoints new deputy director

Judge won’t grant delay in start of Jeremy Johnson trial

Black Diamond’s Metcalf appointed to Federal Reserve Bank board

Watching the watchdog: Bill Gephardt goes from consumer reporter to for-profit endorser

Rocky Mountain Power says Utah has overabundance of alternate energy

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Santa discloses the wish-lists of some prominent politicos

Sen. Orrin Hatch and Brad Smit: The Every Student Succeeds Act: Leaving the old law behind

A. Scott Anderson: Christmas values are society’s foundation

Op-ed: Article V movement is a product of government overreach, not people’s ignorance

Editorial: New approach helps the 1% ‘sickest of the sick’ who account for 24% of all health care costs

Jeremy Johnson pulls request to delay trial, again asks to represent himself

How Orrin Hatch brought Joseph’s wife home for Christmas

The state of Utah education: A year of gains in grades K-12

2015 brings shift in college enrollment, progress toward state goals

Utah Planned Parenthood to appeal judge’s denial of injunction to preserve funding


Editorial: What are Utah County’s 2016 issues? (Daily Herald)

Orem to debut new meeting tech options in 2016 (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Herbert’s mean-spirited Planned Parenthood triumph (Standard-Examiner)

Idling law proves to be mostly symbolic (Logan Herald Journal)

Utah State Tax Commission decision could mean millions for the county (Park Record)