Rep. Jack Draxler Will Not Seek Reelection

Republican State Representative Jack Draxler, District 3, announced he will not run for reelection when his current term concludes in 2016.

Draxler, who was elected in 2006, is making this announcement now so that those who may wish to begin gathering signatures for a candidacy to replace him under a new election law (SB 54), begin that process as early as January 4, 2016.

“I sincerely hope that my body of work as a legislator speaks of truly representing the good people of Cache Valley and the State of Utah. I have done my very best to do that and will remain fully engaged in my legislative duties through the end of 2016,” Rep. Draxler said. “Most significantly, I thank my wife Marilyn, our five children and their spouses, and our 21 grandchildren. Marilyn has sacrificed so much to allow me to serve and I now want to do some things in life that she and I wish to accomplish together.

“Representing my constituents in the Utah House of Representatives for 10 years has been one of the highlights of my life. I thank all my constituents of all political persuasions for their advice, support, and concerns. I thank the leaders of the Cache County Republican party for their tireless and selfless support and efforts to make Cache County and the State of Utah the very best they can be,” Rep. Draxler continued.

“I will miss greatly my association with all the legislators I have served with. These are fine men and women who genuinely want to do what is best for this great state. I especially appreciate our legislative team from Cache County: Fred Hunsaker, Scott Wyatt, David Butterfield, Curt Webb, Ed Redd, Lyle Hillyard, and Peter Knudson. They are amazing public servants.”