Handy: Don’t Text and Drive

In an op-ed in the Standard-Examiner, Rep. Steve Handy discusses whether government should regulate things like texting while driving and seat-belt use. He strongly encourages Utahns to buckle up while driving and avoid cell phone use.

“…Texting while driving is dangerous. In fact, it can be lethal. This fact has been brought home to me time and time again as the parent of former teenagers and now young adults who are addicted to their technology. As they drove away my wife and I continually reminded them, ‘Don’t text and drive (and put on your seat belt, too)!’

“. . . texting, and any other hand manipulation on a smartphone while driving is dangerous and a major contributor to distracted driving-related accidents including fatalities. . . . Once you hear or read explicit testimony from individuals who are either victims of a texting driver or the actual perpetrator, your opinion changes rapidly.”