State Legislator Kay McIff Will Not Seek Re-election

Kay McIffRep. Kay McIff (R-Richfield) announced he will not seek re-election in 2016.

“Although the upcoming legislative session is still a couple of weeks away, it is already demanding a lot of attention from the members. This will be my 10th year of representing District 70 in the Utah House and I have determined not to seek re-election next fall,” Republican State Representative Kay McIff announced today. “I think it proper to make this known so that other interested persons can plan accordingly.

   “During the last four decades, it has been my great privilege to serve by election or appointment in all three branches of government — legislative, executive, and judicial. It is not my intent to withdraw from public service, but I think the time is right to make this change,” McIff explained.

   “I do so with the concurrence and continuing support of my wife and children. I cannot say enough good about them and how they pull together as a team,” McIff said. “I also express profound appreciation for the generous support from the good citizens in Emery, Grand, Sanpete, and Sevier Counties and look forward to serving them throughout the remainder of my term.”