Utahns Overwhelmingly Support Stopping Gun Sales to Suspected Terrorists

icons V1 03A massive number of Utahns say they would support preventing individuals on the terrorist watch list from buying firearms.

When we say massive, we mean massive. 87% say they would be in favor of such restrictions, including 72% who say they would “strongly” support such a move. 

In December, Congressional Republicans blocked a measure to stop suspected terrorists from legally buying guns. The bill was sponsored by California Democrat Diane Feinstein. Gun rights supporters opposed the bill because they worried some Americans who are wrongly on the terrorist watch list would not be able to purchase firearms because they had not been convicted of a crime.
In December, the Washington Post reported more than 2,000 terror suspects legally purchased firearms in the United States in the decade between 2004 and 2014. There are about 700,000 individuals on the watch list.
Utahns of all political stripes think it’s a good idea to bar those on the watch list from buying guns.

    • 69% of Republicans and independents say they would “strongly” support legislation to keep individuals suspected of having ties to terrorist groups from buying guns.
    • 89% of Democrats would “strongly” support those on the terror watch list from buying firearms. 
    • 18% of Republicans and 15% of independents say they would “somewhat” support such legislation.
You would think that those on the right side of the political spectrum would be reluctant to restrict 2nd Amendment rights, but that’s not the case when it comes to those who are suspected terrorists.
    • 79% of Utahns who describe themselves as “very conservative” would support keeping those on the terror watch list from buying guns 
    • 90% of “somewhat conservative” Utahns feel that way
    • 88% of “moderates” favor such restrictions 
Not surprisingly, Utahns who lean left politically overwhelmingly support the idea. 95% of “somewhat liberal” and 96% of “very liberal” Utahns say they would be in favor.
The survey was conducted by Dan Jones and Associates from December 8-14 among 622 adult Utahns. It has a margin of error of +/- 3.93%