Local Headlines 10-21-13

Salt Lake Tribune

Oped: ‘Count My Vote’ is the elixer for Utah’s narrow-interest politics

Op-ed: Business is taking a lead in clearing Utah air

Op-ed: Businesses, not just people, have constitutional rights

Editorial: Another committee is not what Utah’s air needs

Bonds, taxes and city consolidation are on Utahns’ ballots

Retiree taking on incumbent in Council District 3

Fire district membership up for vote in Taylorsville

Former Lt. Gov. Bell to lead Utah Hospital Association

District 5 race pits advocate against organizer

Voters get a clear choice in District 7 race

Conservative Utah think tank weighs in on unwed father’s adoption case

Deseret News

Editorial: A centrist populace

Op-ed: Death penalty disrespects human life

Op-ed: Our privileges are advantages for our children

John Florez: Learning good values is a conspiracy

Op-ed: Salt Lake City is an economic success for children

Editorial: Three chances for U.S. to reaffirm commitment to religious liberty

Editorial: Boomers’ lack of planning complicates entitlement reform

Sen. Lee believes he’ll be proven right in taking on Obamacare

MIT study: More people die from ‘road’ pollution than car crashes

Former Lt. Gov. Greg Bell named head of Utah Hospital Association

Senate chooses not to vote on Gov. Herbert’s judicial nominee

State estimations for Obamacare insurance exchange enrollments


Top state officials receive cars at taxpayer expense (Daily Herald)

Op-ed: ‘Law of the land’ (Standard-Examiner)

Ex-Lt. Gov. Bell named CEO of Utah Hospital Association (Standard-Examiner)

Bill addresses expression of religion in public schools (Standard-Examiner)

Editorial: Count My Vote Utah has the right idea: It’s time to overturn Utah’s closed caucus (Park Record)

Mayoral challengers: keep Park City Park City, don’t make it urban (Park Record)

Caucus fracas: Utah ‘Count My Vote’ initiative hits buzzsaw in Cache Valley (Logan Herald Journal)