Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox on SB54 and the 2016 Legislature (Video)

20160112 Spencer CoxUtah Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox is sick of talking about the continuing controversy over SB54. The latest flare-up is over when election officials are able to certify signatures gathered by candidates.

The Utah Republican Party contends those signatures cannot be validated until they officially declare as a qualified political party, which won’t be until March 1st. That could potentially gum up the process for candidates who take the signature route. 
Cox says that’s not going to be a problem.
“We will begin verification process immediately,” says Cox. “That would be a fairly easy process at that time; we can do that by computer so it’s not a big deal. This won’t slow things down.”
Cox also said one of the biggest issues they’re keeping an eye on for the upcoming legislative session is education.
“Education is always the big one. We had over 100 education bills from last session that are just being implemented. We still don’t know how they’re going to work but we’ll have another hundred education bills this session.”


The lighting in our studio failed halfway through the interview. Here’s how that moment played out: