National Headlines 10-21-13

Obama: ‘The Affordable Care Act is not just a website’ (NBC News)

The politics of Chris Christie’s gay marriage move (Politico)

Rep. Griffin of Ark. passes on running for third term (USA Today)

Justices to rule on ‘mental retardation’ in death case (USA Today)

Dick Cheney opens up about facing death from a failing heart (Today Books)

Idle youth: 15 percent of US young people out of school, work (Associated Press)

Hints BART, unions in touch about resuming talks (San Francisco Chronicle)

Poll: 63% of Americans want Boehner out as speaker (USA Today)

Chamber Says It Will Vet Candidates on Fiscal Pragmatism (Bloomberg)

New Book Claims Robert Kennedy stole John F. Kennedy’s Brain After Assassination (Parade)

Awaiting Data, Markets Show Little Change (Associated Press)

New air pollution study raises concerns about diesel (CNBC)