Cruz for President Announces Utah Leadership Team

Presidential candidate Ted Cruz announced his Utah Leadership Team, consisting of some of the Beehive State’s top conservatives.  Utah GOP Vice Chairman Phill Wright will serve as state chairman for Cruz, while former Utah State Rep. Chris Herrod will serve as campaign coordinator. 

“I am thrilled to announce such an outstanding group of courageous conservatives leading our campaign in Utah,” Cruz said.  “All across the West and throughout America, we are gaining momentum by having principled, conservative voters unite behind us. Thank you to Phill and Chris for their leadership, along with all our grassroots supporters and volunteers in Utah who are building us a winning team.”

“We are excited to have a presidential candidate in Ted Cruz – who truly ‘gets it’ and understands what the middle-class is going through,” Phill Wright said. “In a world of danger and uncertainty, we need a president who has the courage to stand for truth and who will defend and support our Constitution, while maintaining a strong military to protect our interests, citizens and allies. Ted Cruz is that man.”

“Among conservatives in Utah and across this nation, this campaign is coming down to who conservatives can trust,” Herrod said. “Ted Cruz has demonstrated throughout his career that he can be trusted to take on the Washington Cartel and fight for our shared values.  That is why so many Utahans are joining our team each day.”Others on the Utah Leadership Team

Others on the Utah Leadership Team include:

Rep. Curt Oda – a Utah legislator known for his strong stance on the 2nd Amendment
Ken Sumsion – former Utah legislator, known for his budget expertise
Matt Throckmorton – former Utah legislator and current Executive Director for the Utah Military Academy
Chuck Williams – retired Lt. Col. in the United States Air Force, and a former Assistant Secretary of Defense at the Pentagon.  Western Coordinator Vets for Cruz
Stefani Williams – former Deputy Chief of Staff to conservative Alan Keyes, former Chair of the Utah Young Republicans in 2002-2003
Jake Lee – Ted Cruz College Republican Coordinator, nephew to Senator Mike Lee
Selma Sierra – former Utah BLM Director, Southern Salt Lake County Coordinator 
Frank Mylar – former Utah Attorney General Candidate, respected attorney for various conservative causes
Ed Snow – former aide to three members of Congress, and Central Utah County Coordinator 
David Kyle – former Utah Republican Party Caucus Ambassador
Brian Halladay – Alpine School Board member, Northern Utah County Coordinator
Candace Salima – former Utah County director for the Mike Lee campaign in 2010, Southern Utah County Coordinator
Scott Hawkins – President of the Salt Lake County Republican Assembly
Peter Greathouse – Millard County Republican Chair
Gina Worthen – Cache County Republican Party Vice-Chair
Paul Cozzens – Cedar City Councilman – Iron County Coordinator – Utahans for Cruz