National Headlines 1-14-16

The 12 biggest moments of the GOP debate (Politico)

GOP candidates see hostility in Iranian naval incident (Politico)

Trump-Cruz fire dominates debate (The Hill)

GOP debate winners and losers (CNN)

‘Undercard’ candidates insist they’re the ones who can win the White House (Washington Post)

4,000 artifacts stored at Oregon refuge held by armed group (Washington Post)

Al Jazeera America closing: Casualty of US news climate or falling oil prices? (Christian Science Monitor)

Congressional Republicans Grapple With Donald Trump, 2016 Campaign at Policy Retreat (ABC News)

New Asian-American SuperPAC Formed To Increase ‘The Power Of Our Vote’ (NPR)

County state’s attorney investigating Martin O’Malley furniture purchase (Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders Rallies Students at NH Town Hal (ABC News)