Lee Offers GOP a Vision for the Future

National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez says Republicans should listen to Sen. Mike Lee and carefully consider his vision for the future of the conservative movement.

Writes Lopez:

Senator Mike Lee is a man to listen to. Congress, and some Republican senators in particular, are not the most popular people in America today, but suspend your judgment for just a moment. Consider Lee’s indictment — of American politics and even conservatism — and his vision forward. In reflection, he looks toward solutions.

At this year’s Values Voter Summit, held during the final days of the shutdown in the nation’s capital, the junior senator from Utah cautioned about something that we had been watching in the media over the last weeks in earnest, but that does seem to be a permanent, chronic condition. “Conservatives,” he said, “often fall into a trap — defining ourselves by what we are against: big government, debt, higher taxes and regulations, Obamacare. But we haven’t invested nearly as much time and energy in communicating what we conservatives are for. I’m talking about more than simply the policies we advocate. Conservatism is not about the bills we want to pass, but the nation we want to be.”