Poll: Americans Don’t Like GOP Control of U.S. House

Most Americans say GOP control of the House of Representatives is a bad thing for the country.

A new CNN/ORC International survey says 54% say it’s bad that the GOP runs the lower house of Congress, while 63% say John Boehner should no longer be Speaker.

Only 38% think having the GOP in control of the House is a good thing – which is a 13-point drop from December of last year.

It’s not just the GOP in the House that gets poor marks. Congress as a whole is not looked on with very high esteem, and President Barack Obama’s approval ratings are down too.

The survey indicates that the approval rating for Congress remains near an all-time low. Only 12% of those questioned say they approve of the job Congress is doing, just two points higher than the historic low in CNN polling. And 86% give federal lawmakers a thumbs-down, also near the all-time high.

Forty-four percent say they approve of the job the President is doing with 52% saying they disapprove.