National Headlines 1-20-16

Why Hillary and Iowa Don’t Mix (Politico)

Ted Cruz finds eager religious audience in moderate New Hampshire (Politico)

NRA: Obama, Clinton want Australian-style gun confiscation (The Hill)

Donors changing tune on Trump (The Hill)

Clinton campaign accuses Obama appointee of trying to smear Clinton (McClatchy)

Billionaire green activist Steyer not ready to back Clinton, open to Sanders (Reuters)

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump, Which Could Bolster Him in Iowa (New York Times)

Sarah Palin connects son Track’s arrest to Obama’s record on veterans issues (Washington Post)

Once Upon A Time, Congress Cut Deficits; Now CBO Says That’s Over (NPR)

Oregon standoff: Why local residents say occupiers need to ‘go’ (Christian Science Monitor)

Few Foreign Visitors to US Overstay Visa, Federal Report Says (New York Times)