National Headlines 1-21-16

Bill Clinton questions Hillary’s Super Tuesday plan (Politico)

The Bush blame game begins (Politico)

Trump grabs double-digit lead in Iowa poll (The Hill)

GOP explodes in anger as feds create Iran carve-out for visas (The Hill)

America’s best days may be behind it (New York Times)

Leader of armed group at wildlife refuge is speaking to FBI (Associated Press)

Bernie Sanders Launches Ad Blitz to Rally Primary Voters (ABC News)

Hillary Clinton pins ‘establishment’ label on Bernie Sanders (CNN)

The Ted Cruz pile on: GOP senators warn of revolt should he win nomination (CNN)

Is Single-Payer Health Care a Good Idea? (U.S. News & World Report)

Hedge Fund Billionaire George Soros: ‘Donald Trump Is Doing The Work Of ISIS’ (Forbes)