Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Bishop’s Land Bill

utahpolicy ksl 400 wide smaLast week Reps. Rob Bishop and Jason Chaffetz unveiled their ambitious public lands proposal which they say strikes a balance between conservation, economic development, and recreation.

Our “Political Insiders” aren’t sold on the chances the Public Lands Initiative has of making it through Congress and becoming law.
A majority of Republicans on our panel give the proposal a 50/50 chance, but just 36% of Democrats and our readers agree.
36% of our readers say the PLI has no chance at all of ever passing while 35% of the Democrats who responded said President Barack Obama will declare a new national monument in Utah before the PLI completes the legislative process, which would derail the proposal.

Selected anonymous comments:
“With the current political climate, I applaud the approach of compromise. I think that successful proposals ultimately have to match the claimed ideal of multi-stakeholder push and pull with everyone being a little frustrated. BUT…I don’t think Bishop did that. He sort of listened and sort of included conservation in his bill, but I think the truth will be seen by the list of supporters and opponents — oil and gas and business will support it, and conservation groups will oppose it. We need a different arbiter for the process to be successful.”
“If it does pass then I hope the President will have the good sense to veto it. Rob Bishop is in the pockets of the extractive industries and has no idea of reasonable land stewardship means other than using it to make money which usually means destructive to the land and wildlife and people.”
“The fact that industry has been largely supportive of the bill while Native Americans, environmentalists, and sportsmen have all largely panned it demonstrates that the bill gives lip service to compromise. The powerful constituents already allied against it guarantee that it will never gain enough support to get out of the Senate, let alone to obtain the President’s signature.”
“Will be vetoed if passed by Congress. Bishop should wait until the next President takes office hoping it’s a Republican, and they keep both houses.”
“It is well reasoned and thought out proposal. People have to recognize the extent of the effort and collaboration that has gone into the proposal before they pan it without an effort to do any better. The ongoing litigation is a drain on our state resources.”
“From what I have read, the PLI seems almost reasonable. My distrust of Rep. Bishop keeps me from trusting that this legislation will protect the public interest.”
“A good first step, but lacks legislative support outside just a few states.”
“Could go either way. We live in a polarized society so once it becomes an issue or campaign fodder you can count on everyone falling into place to block this bill from happening.”