National Headlines 10-22-13

5 Obamacare questions Kathleen Sebelius won’t answer (Politico)

Health insurance exchange launched despite signs of serious problems (Washington Post)

Obamacare blame game heats up (Politico)

Obamacare Crashes Months in Coming Not Easily Repaired (Bloomberg)

Del.’s 1st Obamacare enrollee earns trip to White House (USA Today)

Alan Grayson likens tea party to KKK (Politico)

NJ Gov. Chris Christie drops gay marriage appeal, allowing same-sex unions permanently (Associated Press)

Americans skeptical of leaders, economy after budget standoff: polls (Reuters)

U.S. Capitol Dome set to undergo renovations (CBS News)

Young’s widow to Charlie Crist: Stay away from funeral (USA Today)

Jason Furman: Shutdown a ‘self-inflicted wound’ (Politico)

Alan Greenspan: What Went Wrong (Wall Street Journal)