How Did the State of the State Address Play on Social Media?

20160127 Herbert SOTSWhat was the reaction to Governor Gary Herbert’s State of the State address on social media in Utah?

Social media analytics provided to by Nuvi found most of the conversation about the speech played out on Twitter with 941 mentions during the half-hour address. Those tweets went to a potential audience of 737,723 people. Through reshares on social media, that audience grew to an additional 510,633.
Nuvi analyzed a number of Twitter accounts and hashtags during the hour before and after the speech. The positive online conversation during the speech centered around the terms “most important investment,” “solution,” “love,” “good,” and “thanks.” Some of the most prevalent negative terms were “more proud,” “lobbying group wants states to take,” and “utah’s education crisis.”
The most popular tweet was this one from Gov. Gary Herbert’s official Twitter account.

The Twitter mention about the speech that spread the farthest on social media wasn’t really about the speech at all. ABC 4’s Glen Mills scene setter spread to an estimated 47,722 people.

Nuvi also measured the sentiment contained in those social media posts. 41% of the mentions about the speech were positive while just 14% contained negative language.
Gov. Herbert’s talk about education seemed to strike a chord online. The most shared “positive” tweet during the speech came from Gov. Herbert’s official account:

Here are some of the most “influential” tweets from the speech as measured by Nuvi’s social data: