Exclusive Opinion Polls of GOP Delegates Coming Next Week

blue 13Hold on to your political hats, UtahPolicy readers!

Next week we are running a series of stories about our exclusive Dan Jones & Associates poll of Utah Republican Party delegates.

We asked 600 or so delegates their opinions on several issues, including:

  • If the election for the GOP gubernatorial race were today and you were voting in the convention, would you support Herbert or his challenger Jonathan Johnson (some real interesting numbers here)?
  • What they really feel about SB54 and GOP chairman James Evans – who says he’s fighting the good fight on behalf of his party?
  • How are Republican officeholders doing at their jobs, and should they run for re-election again or not?
  • How GOP Gov. Gary Herbert fairs with those who may well be voting on him in the April state convention?
  • What do you think about Republican candidates who are seeking signatures to get on the party primary, and are you more or less likely to support them if they also go to the party convention?
  • Should party bosses be able to kick anyone out of the Republican Party for not following party bylaws or platform?
  • Should the Utah Republican Party have a “purity” test for party membership or candidates?

What for these stories and more on UtahPolicy.com next week, Monday through Friday.