Press Release: AFP Led Coalition Releases Letter To Legislators On Internet Sales Tax

Americans for Prosperity and a broad-based coalition of 22 conservative organizations are releasing a letter to lawmakers urging legislators to oppose the plan to force retailers to collect sales taxes on internet sales. 

Americans for Prosperity is joined in signing the letter by Americans for Tax Reform, FreedomWorks, National Taxpayers Union, R Street Institute and 17 other free market organizations. Fighting the internet sales tax will be a top priority for the organization and is a key plank of its Prosperity Elevated agenda released last week. 


AFP-Utah State Director Evelyn Everton had the following to say:

“Our letter today shows what Utahns have known all along: opposition to forcing online sales tax collection is stronger than ever. After more than 30 years of failed enforcement, forcing Utahns to pay the tax now would certainly feel like a tax increase to most people and their disapproval is clear.”

“Legislators claim the deal will be ‘revenue neutral’ but if there was no new revenue to be had, legislators wouldn’t be trying to make the change to begin with. The only reason some legislators want to force this change is so they can get their hands on more of our tax dollars. Legislators should stand together to put an end to this proposal before it goes any further.”

The group said it will continue educating the public and engaging lawmakers on the issue. Its grassroots army of more than 14,000 in-state volunteers and activists will continue writing letters to legislators, calling their representatives, and educating their neighbors about the impact of this proposal.