Local Headlines 2-1-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Op-ed: The state has enough tax money already without Internet sales tax

Op-ed: SLC Council should ensure Biskupski’s purge won’t hurt city

Op-ed: Public Lands Initiative a good compromise that Utahns should support

Op-ed: Lands transfer to states? It would take another Dred Scott decision

Editorial: Take the long view on coal-fired plants

Proposal to shift money from Utah highways concerns some lawmakers

Rep. Mia Love says fetal tissue probe not targeting Planned Parenthood

Bill advances to ban airport smoking rooms

Bill seeks to outlaw ‘gas chambers’ for shelter animals

Rocky Anderson to SLC Council: Don’t ‘rubber stamp’ Biskupski’s appointments

Lawmaker will rework bill to allow 17-year-olds to vote in primary election

‘LaVoy’ Finicum’s funeral will be in Utah

Bishop encourages Legislature to pursue public lands lawsuit

Doug Owens outraises Rep. Mia Love in last three months

Plan to phase out Utah film tax credits quickly watered down

‘If anyone has broken contracts, it’s the BLM’: Boise forum draws Utah ranchers upset with feds

Lawsuit against newspapers is back on as poll shows Utahns want Salt Lake Tribune to survive

Proposed bill to tackle problems plaguing Utah’s indigent defense system

How free-fare transit works in Cache County and Park City

Life without parole sentences for juveniles getting a second look in Utah

Deseret News

Frank Pignanelli & LaVarr Webb: Gubernatorial and legislative dynamics always interesting to watch

Op-ed: The path forward after Rep. Bishop’s failed PLI

John Florez: Justice reform requires culture change

Editorial: Energy legislation highlights bipartisan support

Editorial: Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative needs continued engagement from all sides

Rep. Rob Bishop ‘offended’ by photos in ads attacking public lands bill

S.L. City Council may block one of Biskupski’s director appointees

State senator sees hate crimes bill as follow-up to Utah nondiscrimination, religious rights law

GOP, state agree on court question to resolve election law dispute

Love’s first-year accomplishments include investigating ‘industries’ related to abortion

Bill would be a ‘stopgap’ for State School Board elections

Bill to ban airport smoking soars through Senate committee

Lawmakers seek to ‘save lives’ by targeting opioid epidemic

Professors sue USU Eastern, alleging preferential treatment of Price mayor after tirade

State lawmaker wants to break school to prison ‘pipeline’

Utah legislators not likely to remove barrier shielding liquor dispensing this year


‘Eggs & Issues’ report: not so ‘easy over’ for 2016 legislative session with its 1,200 bills (Daily Herald)

Steve Densley: Politics and the dog pound (Daily Herald)

Editorial: Do something about Utah’s opiate crisis — expand access to Naloxone (Standard-Examiner)

Bipartisan effort to end straight-ticket voting nears committee hearing (Standard-Examiner)

Mantua fuming over speed trap bill (Logan Herald Journal)

Park City businesses cast keen eye on 2016 Utah state Legislature (Park Record)