Clinton Campaign Appoints Utah Leadership

Hillary for America has appointed Utah campaign leadership and is committed to securing the Utah vote in the March 22nd Democratic Presidential caucus election.

Lisa Allcott and Jenny Wilson have been named Statewide Directors. They will oversee the Clinton campaign in Utah and act as spokespersons. Both women are lifelong Democratic Party supporters and activists. Ms. Wilson is a Salt Lake County Councilwoman and Ms. Allcott is a campaign consultant.
Ms. Allcott said, “We’re very pleased that Hillary for America is investing resources in Utah and we’re confident she will win the Democratic Presidential caucus vote. We are excited for the role Utah will play in electing the next president of the United States, Hillary Clinton.”
Ms. Wilson said “I appreciate Secretary Clinton’s focus on Utah in this important election year. In addition to visiting our state earlier this year she is investing resources on the ground in an effort to share her message of strong foreign policy and support of the America’s working people.  I am honored to formally join her team.”