National Headlines 10-23-13

ObamaCare falling behind (The Hill)

Democrats downplay significance of ObamaCare website problems (The Hill)

Detroit bankruptcy on trial: 8 things to watch for (USA Today)

White House fires Twitter critic (USA Today)

Sebelius: Obama not told of problems before launch (Los Angeles Times)

Report: College costs rising less sharply, but aid down too (McClatchy)

Fail: New Obamacare Website Snag ‘Dramatically Underestimates’ Health Costs (Town Hall)

EU Parliament urges suspending data deal with US (Associated Press)

Polls: U.S. majority favors legalized pot; Michiganders want penalty eased (Detroit Free Press)

Health co-ops, created to foster competition and lower insurance costs, are in danger (Washington Post) Latest Victim Of Federal Acquisition Problems? (InformationWeek)

Mayors to Justice: Stop holding up AA-US Air merger (USA Today)