Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Who Will Win the 2016 Nomination?

utahpolicy ksl 400 wide smaWith no clear frontrunner following the first two 2016 nominating contests, our “Political Insiders” think Hillary Clinton is most likely to win the Democratic race, but they’re not sure who will prevail among Republicans.

33% of our Republican insiders think Marco Rubio will end up winning the GOP nomination. 21% say Donald Trump will win. 16% of our Republicans picked John Kasich while 12% think Ted Cruz will prevail.
The Democrats on our panel are evenly divided between Trump and Rubio as the eventual nominee while 44% of our readers think Trump will win.
Right now, Trump leads the field with 17 delegates. Cruz has 11, Rubio has 10 and Kasich has 5.
On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton is the obvious pick by all of our insiders and readers. 
Clinton leads Bernie Sanders in the delegate count 394 to 44.

Selected anonymous comments:
“Neither side has enough delegates or can gain enough before the convention. I think we will have two brokered conventions. Biden and Romney in the wings are already working the possibility.”
“Trump doesn’t seem to have been affected by his loss in Iowa, so if his numbers remain high throughout the rest of the primaries, he should win. And Sanders will probably start losing when the Super Tuesday states, which include more pro-Clinton elements, start voting.”
“Get ready for President Donald Trump. Nothing will stop the Trump Train from rolling thru every state. “
“There is no one exciting to vote for on either side. We have no national leadership.”
“At the end of the day, it is going to be Marco Rubio vs. Hillary Clinton and Marco will win the election in November. The anger and frustration will fade, and Republicans and Democrats will nominate the most electable candidates in the general election.”
“I am still holding out hope for a draft of Romney at the Convention. It seems that hope springeth eternal.”
“Hillary will implode and then Bloomberg will jump in ensuring President Trump.”
“I think/hope that the Republicans will get back closer to the political center and nominate a (relative) moderate like John Kasich. And it’s entirely possible that the Democratic convention could be brokered and that a Joe Biden/Elizabeth Warren ticket could emerge.”
“I’m still holding out hope for the implosion of Trump’s campaign. This is shaping up for a perfect opportunity for someone like Bloomberg and/or Biden to enter the race.”
“As GOP contenders drop out it will leave Trump v Cruz/Rubio. With a win over Rubio in New Hampshire and good expectations in South Carolina Cruz pushes Rubio out. Polls show Cruz beating Trump when it’s one v one. Sanders continues to hammer Hillary.”
“I am still waiting for Mitt Romney to win in a brokered convention.”