Should Utah’s Attorney General Have a Security Detail?

Sean Reyes 02GOP Attorney General Sean Reyes could get full-time personal security under a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Shultz.

HB349 “simplifies” the process of the AG getting security when he believes he needs it, said Schultz, R-Hooper.

“He can request security from the Department of Public Safety on a case-by-case basis” if some threat is made against him, said Shultz.

The bill would allow Reyes to have some law enforcement officials currently inside of his office to be his personal security, or allow DPS to provide some folks whenever Reyes wants it without having to have a specific threat.

Reyes’ office asked Shultz to run the bill, Shultz said.

Comment from the AG’s office was not immediately made to UtahPolicy.

Under current law, any top state government official can request DPS and/or Utah Highway Patrol protection on a case-by-case basis.

In rare cases, some past legislators have had such protection when threats have been made against them.

Gov. Gary Herbert has full-time plain-clothes law enforcement protection.