SUWA Launches Broadcast Broadside Against Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative

20160217 Suwa AdsThe Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance is running a series of TV ads hammering Rep. Rob Bishop’s Public Lands Initiative as a giveaway to private interests.

The ads, which are running on local television stations for the next month, feature a mocking version of the song “This Land is Your Land.”
The song lyrics in the two ads, which you can see below, are biting and sarcastic:
“This land was your land, but now it’s my land. I took it from you when you weren’t looking,” sings the first. “It was wilderness, it was your heritage, now I’m selling it to a big oil company.”
The second ad is just as critical:
“This land is your land, but I want to sell it, even though it’s an archeological treasure. Let’s build a road here, let’s build a road there, and a bunch of other stuff eventually. 
Both ads end with the tagline “Thank you, Representative Bishop, for your public lands initiative. I’m rich!”
The ads feature imagery of Utah’s red rock wilderness being slowly covered by truck stops, roads and oil rigs.
SUWA Executive Director Scott Groene says the group is spending approximately $150,000 on the ad buy, which will run on local TV stations for the next month.
“The ads are intended, in a light hearted way, to warn Utah residents as to how the PLI would steal the public land heritage we enjoy- and to encourage them to find out more,” he said.
Groene says SUWA bought air time focusing on news and information programs in the Utah market for the commercials.