National Headlines 2-28-16

Bernie’s Revolution Hits a Wall (Politico)

Rubio to campaign ‘as long as it takes’ to beat Trump (Politico)

Trump doubles down on promise to ‘open up’ libel laws (The Hill)

Top DNC official leaves post to back Sanders (The Hill)

Arguments in Supreme Court abortion case pitched to audience of one (Washington Post)

Clinton looks to close Sanders out in March (CNN)

In major blow to Ted Cruz, Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama endorses Donald Trump for GOP nomination (Washington Post)

Bill Clinton Addresses Confrontation With Benghazi Protesters at Rally (ABC News)

Rubio shifts to the offensive in an effort to slow Trump (Washington Post)

Kasich condemns white supremacists and candidates ‘hurling insults’ (Washington Post)

The world should stop relying on U.S. consumers: U.S. Treasury chief Lew (Reuters)