National Headlines 10-27-13

Obama in no mood to talk ObamaCare (The Hill)

HHS secretary is now the ‘laughingstock of America,’ says senator (The Hill)

Shift on Syria angers Saudi Arabia, muddying Obama’s Mideast plans (The Hill)

Kathleen Sebelius prepares to face the music on Obamacare (Christian Science Monitor)

Two Republican congressmen defend U.S. spying abroad (Reuters)

Key U.S. official faces grilling over Obamacare website (Reuters)

Hawaii Set To Take Up Gay Marriage In Special Session Monday (NPR)

In a first, U.S. to use NSA surveillance against terror suspect (CNN)

Dick Cheney: Liz Cheney ‘Going to Win’ Senate Race (ABC News)

Ohio Governor Kasich criticized over layoffs at Ohio aluminum plant (State Journal)

Senator Rand Paul Is Right To Hold Up Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve Nomination, And Democrats Should Support Him (Forbes)

Fed Proposes a Rule to Help Big Banks Stay Liquid in Times of Crisis (New York Times)