Brown Bag Concert Series Announces a Partnership with Spy Hop

The Salt Lake City Arts Council is excited to announce the 39th year of the Brown Bag Concert Series will include a partnership with Spy Hop Productions.

The free lunchtime concert series will energize downtown Salt Lake City with engaging performance weekdays beginning August 1 and continuing through August 26.

This year, the Arts Council is proud to partner with Spy Hop Productions 801 Sessions program ( Created as a residency program, youth ages 15-19 will curate, market, produce, and perform one full week of the 2016 Brown Bag Concert Series. The participating youth will gain valuable experience in event planning, marketing, artist management, and live performance production.

In addition to this youth driven week of programming, the 2016 Brown Bag Concert Series lineup includes performances from local artists in an eclectic mix of musical genres and performance disciplines – classic blues, jazz, indie-rock, electronic pop, bluegrass, dance, cultural presentations –  among many others.

Artists interested in performing with the program will find additional information as well as the new online application

The Brown Bag Concert Series began as a street theater project in 1978. Over more than three decades, the series has presented more than 1,500 concerts in plazas, parks, shopping malls, tennis courts, buses, and even elevators, throughout Salt Lake City. The series has won awards, presented top national and regional touring artists, been broadcast live on the radio, and continues to be one of the longest running daily concert series of its kind in the country.

Full details of the 2016 Brown Bag program and performance schedule will be available June 27, 2016