Bishop Release: Obama Administration Gives NO Answers on Utah National Monument

As Chairman of the House Committee on Natural Resources, Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-01) addressed the Secretary of the Department of the Interior, Sally Jewell. Secretary Jewell was appearing in a hearing before the full Natural Resources Committee.

Rep. Bishop told Secretary Jewell, “There is nobody in the Utah delegation in the Senate or the House who supports it. There is no one in the state administration who supports it. You can’t find a state legislator who represents that area who supports it. You can’t even find a commissioner who supports it.” Bishop added, “the only elected Navajo we have in the state, on the state or county level, is in that particular county and she is opposed to it. The chapters that live in that area are opposed to it.” (Video of Rep. Bishop’s statement available HERE.) 

At the same hearing, Representative Paul Gosar (AZ-04) questioned Sec. Jewell regarding new National Monuments. Rep. Gosar asked, “How many more new National Monuments does this administration plan to designate this year? What are the names and geographic locations of the monuments being considered.”Secretary Jewell did NOT provide answers to these questions. (Video of the exchange is available HERE.)