Office of the Utah State Auditor Releases Statewide Accountability Survey Observations

The Office of the Utah State Auditor released Statewide Accountability Survey Observations.

Based on the 2016 survey observations, we believe that individual state agencies and offices could increase state employee accountability and better safeguard public assets and resources by doing the following:

  1. Ensuring adequate internal audit coverage
  2. Educating employees about the role of internal auditors
  3. Encouraging employees to report misuse of state resources
  4. Ensuring that organizational policies address professional conduct, conflicts of interest, and fraud
  5. Regularly training employees how to address misconduct

Compared to survey respondents who claim not to have organizational internal auditors, respondents with organizational internal auditors reported (1) significantly fewer allegations of fraud, (2) better controls to prevent and detect fraud, (3) fewer concerns for retaliation for reporting concerns, and (4) stronger controls to prevent employee conflicts of interest. 

The purposes of the annual survey are to (1) promote individual and organizational accountability, (2) assess systematic risks as part of an ongoing risk assessment, and (3) identify individual instances of potential misuses of state funds or resources. Systematic risks identified in the survey may contribute to the prioritization of future audit work. Some individual instances of concern were communicated to organizational management and internal auditors.

The full audit report and audit brief may be found on the Office’s website, The full audit report is specifically located at