Romney Leaves Door Open to 2016 Nomination (Video)

Mitt Romney on Meet the PressOn Sunday, Mitt Romney refused to rule out the possibility of grabbing the GOP nomination at a contested convention.

On NBC’s Meet the Press, Romney said he expects one of the four people running for the Republican nomination to be the party’s standard-bearer. However, if nobody can get enough delegates to win outright, Romney said he would be open to being drafted by delegates when they gather in Cleveland.

From the Washington Post:

“I don’t think anyone in our party should say, ‘Oh no, even if the people in the party wanted me to be the president, I would say no to it,'” Romney said Sunday on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” “No one’s going to say that.”


The former Massachusetts governor said he is confident such a scenario won’t come to pass.


“I can guarantee you this: One of the people running for president — one of the four — is going to be the Republican Party nominee,” he added. “Three of the four are people I would endorse. But I’m not running, and I’m not going to be running.”


Romney also said he plans to endorse one of the remaining candidates sometime before the Republican National Convention.

Here’s the video: