Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Who Will Matchup in 2016

utahpolicy ksl 400 wide smaMost of our “Political Insiders” say they expect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton to match up in November’s general election.

Following “Super Tuesday” which saw Trump and Clinton win a majority of states, they are now the odds-on favorites to be the nominees of their respective parties.

Our Republicans think Marco Rubio vs. Clinton is the next most-likely matchup, while Democrats and our readers think Trump vs. Bernie Sanders is the next possibility.

Selected anonymous comments:

“Trump vs. Clinton. Or in other words, we’re screwed.”

“Trump vs. Clinton. The presidency goes to Clinton…unless something even worse comes up.. This is a lose-lose proposition. However, there is not one candidate from either major party who is inspiring, and most aren’t even likable. Trump is just a particularly alarming symptom of a system beholden to special interests that actively promotes arrogant political gamesmanship.”

“Get ready for the most nasty presidential campaign in recent history.”

“Good grief! This is depressing! A clown vs. a crook. You place the label on which candidate fits for you.”

“Trump is way more accomplished than Rubio or Cruz and has demonstrated more leadership ability. Republicans will get on board the Trump train.”

“I hope for Cruz vs. Clinton but most likely it will be Trump vs. Clinton.”

“Super Tuesday was Trump and Cruz’s high water mark. Rubio is going to pick up more states now that we get to some of the more reasonable primaries and caucuses. Clinton has it in the bag.”

“Heaven help us. What the hell have we done to deserve this?”

“We had all better hope that Clinton prevails. No one wins with a Trump presidency except Trump.”

“I weep”