Mike Lee Endorses Ted Cruz (Updated)

Lee Cruz 03After sitting on the sidelines, Sen. Mike Lee has endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz for president.

So far, Lee has declined to offer an endorsement in the 2016 race. Lee made his announcement Thursday in Miami calling on Florida Senator Marco Rubio to drop out of the race.

From Roll Call:

“I’m sending the signal that it’s time to unite,” Lee said when asked about the timing of his endorsement of Cruz. “The time has finally come, the time is finally at hand when we as Republicans need to unite behind one leader.”


“This has been an ongoing process. This is, I don’t want to say a parlor game, but this is a frequent topic of conversation among Republican senators,” Lee said. “We talk about where the presidential election is going.”

Cruz leads the GOP field in Utah with 18% support in our latest UtahPolicy.com presidential survey. Only Republicans are eligible to vote in the March 22 presidential primary. Among Republicans, Cruz trails Florida Senator Marco Rubio 24-22%.

Lee’s office could not confirm the reported endorsement.