National Headlines 3-13-16

Breaking down the GOP map (Politico)

The Huge Cultural Shift That’s Helping Trump Win Evangelicals (Politico)

Cruz earns most delegates in Wyoming (The Hill)

Tech’s big play in 2016 (The Hill)

Trump pulls man out of crowd to tout legal immigration (USA Today)

Trump says Americans are ‘angry,’ he’s ‘just the messenger’ (FOX News)

Why Bernie Sanders needs to start winning big states — big (Washington Post)

Bernie Sanders Condemns Hillary Clinton For Inflating Nancy Reagan’s Role In AIDS Crisis (Huffington Post)

GOP Effort to Block Trump May Lead to a Morass (New York Times)

John Boehner Endorses Fellow Ohioan John Kasich (New York Times)

Future uncertain for proposal to defund Planned Parenthood (Associated Press)