Two Utah Counties Among the Best for High-Tech Jobs

A new study ranks Utah and Davis Counties in the top-10 nationally for tech jobs.

The paper from the Progressive Policy Institute ranks Utah County at #5 and Davis County at #10 for high-tech information jobs. The number of tech/info jobs in Utah County jumped more than 20% between 2007 and 2012, and that same type of job skyrocketed more than 45% in Davis County during the same time frame.

Those counties are in good company, with places like San Francisco, Silicon Valley and York on the list.

From The Atlantic Cities:

This list goes beyond the usual suspects. Sure, there is a substantial cluster in and around the Silicon Valley and the broader San Francisco Bay Area. But, interestingly, San Francisco County (that is the city of San Francisco) tops the list, besting both Santa Clara County, the traditional heart of Silicon Valley, and more suburban San Mateo county. Its 50 percent growth rate in tech-info jobs since 2007 was the highest of any county on the list.

The map reflects the shift of high-tech industry and jobs from just a few suburban nerdistans — like Silicon Valley and the Boston suburbs — to more urban locations and college towns. The map is still spiky, but the range of places where tech matters is substantially different than it was  just a decade or two ago.