Love Jumps on Cruz Bandwagon

Rep. Mia Love, formerly a Marco Rubio supporter, endorses Ted Cruz for president, saying the senator from Texas reflects the values she wants to see in the White House.

Reports The Hill:

The only black, female Republican in Congress endorsed Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) for president on Tuesday, the day of her state’s GOP caucuses.


“America faces difficult challenges and pressing problems at home and abroad,” Rep. Mia Love (Utah) said in a statement. “There has never been a greater need for courage and courageous leaders.”


Without mentioning Republican front-runnerDonald Trump by name, Love sought to draw a distinction between what she sees as a campaign based on “angst and anger” and one of substance.


“Because I believe we need a president with less bravado and more real courage to act on conservative principles, I will be casting my vote Tuesday for Ted Cruz,” she continued. “He has proven himself to be a principled, courageous leader with a positive agenda for our future.”

Love said Cruz reflected the values she wants to see in White House.


“I want a president who is interested in reducing the power of the presidency and federal government — not expanding it,” she said.


“I want a president I know I can count on to sign into law the kinds of bills I have introduced related to higher education, eliminating massive bills filled with pork and perks for the well-connected, serving our veterans and creating jobs for hardworking Americans.”