National Headlines 3-23-16

Sanders scrambles to keep pace with Clinton (Politico)

Trump and Cruz shift to trench warfare (Politico)

Gingrich: Brussels ‘validates’ Trump’s campaign (The Hill)

Obama goes after Cruz for urging patrols of Muslim neighborhoods (The Hill)

Trump says Muslims ‘not reporting’ terror activity (AFP)

Supreme Court faces 4-4 split in Obamacare contraception case (Reuters)

The Deputy Attorney General is not on board with Ted Cruz’s plan to ‘patrol and secure’ Muslim neighborhoods (Washington Post)

Sanders: Arizonans waiting 5 hours to vote is ‘a disgrace’ (CNN)

UC regents say anti-Semitism has ‘no place’ on campus but reject blanket censure of anti-Zionism (Los Angeles Times)

Sanders: In it to win it but building grass-roots enthusiasm for Democrats regardless (Washington Post)

Don’t forget Paul Ryan said he would support Donald Trump as the GOP nominee (Washington Post)