Study: Presidential Candidates Talk Like Schoolchildren

Donald Trump 04A new study finds that this year’s presidential candidates use words and grammar similar to middle school students when they’re campaigning, with Donald Trump using the simplest language.

Yahoo News highlights the research from the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Melon University which finds the language this year’s crop of candidates are using language you would most typically find among children between 11 and 13 years old.

Trump, his closest Republican rival Ted Cruz, Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton and her left-wing challenger Bernie Sanders have deployed simpler language as the campaign has gone on, the researchers found.


An analysis shows that Abraham Lincoln, widely considered one of America’s great leaders — the Republican who abolished slavery — outclasses all the candidate and more recent presidents by displaying grammar at an 11th grade level.

The study found Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton used the most variety in their speeches. 

Of all the candidates, Trump had the simplest grammar, scoring just below sixth grade.