Lee: ‘Too Many Unanswered Questions Regarding Trump’

In a radio interview, Sen. Mike Lee says he’s unsure he could support Donald Trump even if the New York businessman secures the GOP presidential nomination.

Reports Newsmax:

Lee endorsed Texas Sen. Ted Cruz last month, but he was asked during an appearance on WTMJ’s Charlie Sykes Show out of Milwaukee if he has decided to throw his support behind Trump if he is the party’s nominee.


“I haven’t, because there are too many unanswered questions. I would need to know where he stands on a lot of the issues,” Lee said.


“Federalism, separation of powers, the fundamental purpose of government. How he reads the enumerated powers of the federal government. I haven’t heard a whole lot of detail. In fact, I haven’t heard any detail from Donald Trump when it comes to any of those questions.”


Lee said he is supporting Cruz’ White House run “because he’s the only Republican in the race who can defeat both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.”


Lee, who first took office in 2011, said it’s “too early to say” whether he would endorse a third-party conservative candidate in the presidential race.