Poll: Less Than 1/4 of Americans Call Themselves ‘Libertarian’

Most Americans don’t identify with libertarians, and those who do don’t see themselves as part of the Tea Party according to a new poll.

The survey from the nonpartisan Public Religion Research Institute finds that just 7% of Americans are “consistent libertarians” while another 15% say they lean in that direction. Of those, only 26% say they are part of the Tea Party.

From Politico:

Libertarians constitute smaller portions of the Republican Party and the tea party at 12 percent and 26 percent respectively. Other conservative groups such as those who identify as part of the religious right or as white evangelical Protestant make up larger numbers of both the GOP and tea party.

Which is why libertarians and the tea party might see such a divide, the poll suggests. Despite aligning on economic issues and opposition to government involvement, libertarians are mostly on the other side of social issues such as abortion legislation and legalizing marijuana. While not as strongly opposed as the tea party, a majority of libertarians do oppose same-sex marriage, however.