Press Release: Mike Weinholtz Criticizes Utah Legislature and Governor Over New Power Bill

After a last-minute passing and signing of the Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan Act (SB115), gubernatorial candidate, Mike Weinholtz, criticized the Utah legislature and Governor Herbert for not standing up for Utah’s citizens.

“This is another blatant example of failed leadership.” Weinholtz said. “The Governor and the Legislature are putting the profits of special interests ahead of the needs of the people of Utah. A last minute, lobbyist driven, backroom ‘do-over’ is completely unacceptable, and should have been vetoed.”

SB 115 passed this legislative session with a 46-26 on its second vote after failing earlier 33-40.  The bill restructures electrical rates and provides funding to Rocky Mountain Power for its Sustainable Transportation and Energy Plan as well as a rainy day fund for the company.  Additionally, the bill will phase out a $10 million solar incentive program for homeowners, shifting a portion of the money into clean coal research.

A similar bill which passed in Nevada last year has proved catastrophic to solar business jobs, leading to numerous companies leaving the state and the lay-offs of hundreds of workers.