National Headlines 10-29-13

Hoyer: Dems knew some patients would lose insurance plans under ObamaCare (The Hill)

Amid controversy over NSA programs, Congress mulls changes (CBS News)

Sandy survivors mourn, celebrate on anniversary (U.S. News & World Report)

Rep. Marcia Fudge argues against ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws before U.S. Senate (Plain Dealer)

Obamacare official apologizes for website glitches (Reuters)

Poll: N.J. voters say Gov. Christie should run in 2016 (USA Today)

Jackson Jr. assigned to minimum security section of prison (Chicago Tribune)

Texas attorney general asks court to reinstate abortion measure (Reuters)

New York probing Macy’s, Barneys ‘shop-and-frisk’ claims (Reuters)

Ken Cuccinelli pledges to fight EPA from Virginia (Politico)

As stimulus tab rises for Fed, worries grow it may require a bailout (Los Angeles Times)

Fed tapering of stimulus unlikely this week (USA Today)