Local Headlines 4-5-16

Salt Lake Tribune

Editorial: High costs of hepatitis medicine make a good case for universal Medicare

Utah’s Orrin Hatch hit on both sides of the Supreme Court battle

‘Civic-minded’ group trying to buy The Salt Lake Tribune, says state Sen. Dabakis

Utah has second-widest wage gap between women, men

Justices unlikely to disqualify Utah GOP in election dispute

Huntsman Cancer Institute director joins VP Biden’s ‘moonshot’ panel

Utah senator tweets derogatory statement about NCAA championship game

Utah’s House members vote in lockstep — on purpose

Deseret News

Editorial: Utah’s efforts to accept refugees an example to the world

McAdams to ask council for $200K for Midvale Center’s operational costs

Utah Supreme Court hears arguments over disputed state election law

‘Huge, huge numbers’ of voter registrations reported on caucus night